Acknowledged experts in the recruiting business, our services have been employed by well-known companies in:

The TSR Difference

TSR is a relationship-based, customer-focused IT and technical services staffing company.

For over 40 years TSR, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, TSR Consulting Services, have prospered in the Information Technology staffing business, earning the respect of companies both large and small with well refined candidate screening, timely placement, and a real understanding of the right skill sets required by our clients.

We’ve been around for so long for a reason. We’re nimble. And responsive.

Our core mission is to ensure that our clients succeed in a rapidly evolving, technology-based world. They succeed when they have the right tools and the most skilled technical personnel. And that’s exactly what we provide.

A successful and financially sound Public Company, we continue to work hard for our clients, while remaining flexible and accommodating. And these are two traits we intend to keep.

Like we said at the start, we’re relationship-based. We maintain long-term connections. However, we never slow down, nor rest on past successes. We keep moving forward, evolving. So we’re always on the lookout for top talent for some great companies.

That’s the TSR difference.